Starting a Company with CoStart

CoStart is a cost avoidance program for qualified faculty researchers interested in starting a company using OSU-licensed intellectual property.  CoStart serves researchers who need extensive instrumentation that is unavailable outside of their university laboratory by allowing access to lab facilities.  The program also provides faculty with a selection of leave options to reduce or eliminate their university duties for periods of time up to one year so they can focus on development of their technology and their company.

The CoStart Process:

The proposals for a startup company will be submitted by the faculty entrepreneur to the Technology Development Center and will be reviewed for viability by the Technology Business Development Program (TBDP). During this process the faculty member must also seek departmental and college approval and establish a Conflict of Interest Management Plan. After receiving initial approval from the college and TDC, the proposal will be sent to the Provost and the Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer for final approval. Following final approval, the faculty entrepreneur should form a company management team and negotiate the appropriate agreements with TDC. The final step is to raise funds for the onset of the project.

The following interactive flowchart depicts the entire process.

CoStart Process

Normal Technology Transfer ProcessDistribution of Revenue with OSURaise Funds and Begin OperationFinalize the Business PlanNegotiation of License Agreement with OSUSelect Management Team for the Company (Recommended)Negotiate Agreements for Using OSU FaclitiesSelect Management Team for the CompanyFulfill RequirementEstablish Conflict of Interest Management PlanDepartment / College ReviewFile Conflict of Interest DisclosureUniversity Review & ApprovalEstablish Conflict of Interest Management PlanTechnical & Business ReviewSeek Department /College ApprovalSubmit Start Up Proposals to OIPMWant  to Use OSU Facilities?Do you want to Start a new Company?Disclose your InventionHave you Disclosed your Invention?Commercialization Of Technology