Cowboy Technologies

Cowboy Technologies, LLC is a for profit entity established to provide early seed-stage activities for OSU-developed technologies.  Created as a part of and managed through OSU's Center for Innovation and Economic Development, Cowboy Technologies is a one-of-a-kind initiative.  Technologies will be carefully screened from TDC's portfolio and reviewed by CT's screening process before being selected as a CT 'Project'.  Technologies that demonstrate the greatest potential for entity launch and long-term success will receive highest consideration.  Project support to launch includes:

  • Staffing permanent project management and marketing professionals
  • Allowing the scientist to focus on technology development
  • Developing an exit strategy for the researchers driven by his/her career goals
  • Assisting in later stage investment strategies and finding early seed stage funding
  • Identifying and securing long-term management capabilities
  • Facilitating participation in the SBIR/STTR program
  • Providing seed funding up to $200,000 depending on milestone attainment

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