Roll-2-Roll Technologies, LLC

Roll-2-Roll Technologies LLC is developing a next generation electro-mechanical device called a lateral guide for roll-to-roll manufacturing applications. The patented sensing and intelligent control technologies used in the device will save manufacturers time and money by reducing downtime and wastage in their manufacturing process.  http://www.r2r-tech.com

Super Air Meter, LLC

Super Air Meter, LLC is commercializing a new test method to determine the freeze thaw durability of fresh concrete mixture. The product Super Air Meter (SAM) is able to measure the total air volume and volume of small bubbles in the mixture (<300 microns) in  about 10 minutes. www.superairmeter.com

VF Canna, LLC

VF Canna is hoping to revitalize the canna lily industry by offering guaranteed virus-free canna lilies on the market. The canna lily virus has infected nearly all of the canna lily crops in many countries including the U.S., but VF Canna is using the latest scientific advancements to ensure that our canna are virus-free. The benefits of virus-free canna lilies are hard to miss, as a virus-free canna exhibits rich color, lush foliage and superior blooms.  www.vfcanna.com

Associated Material Processing, LLC

AMP is commercializing a new arsenic adsorption and recovery material. This material has a high capacity for arsenic adsorption compared to existing materials. AMP also provides arsenic recovery service where adsorbed arsenic is recovered as a sellable commodity.  www.ampchem.com

Secure Analytics, LLC

Secure Analytics is a data security technology and services provider based in Stillwater, Oklahoma whose software product utilizes a unique, proprietary and patented data protection algorithm called Data Shuffling.

XploSafe, LLC

XploSafe, LLC is a provider for critical safety solutions for homeland security and chemical safety. Their products protect people that deal with unstable and hazardous compounds. XploSafe has successfully commercialized two OSU technologies “Nanometric Ink Technology for Detection of Explosives” and “Colorimetric Reagent for Prevention of Peroxide Formation”. http://www.xplosafe.com/

Aestus, LLC

Aestus is a geophysical imaging company which uses Electrical Resistivity Imaging (ERI) method to scan the subsurface. ERI is used to image gasoline, solvents and other contaminants in the subsurface.  http://www.aestusllc.com/

Coskata, Inc

Coskata is a renewable energy company developing technologies for the production of ethanol from various input materials including municipal solid waste, biomass, and other carbonaceous material.


SensorCorr is a research and development company focused on the development of wireless sensors to detect corrosion with critical structures such as aircraft, highway infrastructure and pipelines.

Ntech Industries, Inc

NTech was a leading provider of crop-sensing technology that allows farmers to reduce costs and environmental impact by controlling the application of nitrogen, herbicide and other crop inputs. Ntech was acquired by Trimble in June 2009.  http://www.trimble.com/Agriculture/greenseeker.aspx