Technology Business Development Program (TBDP)

Now ACCEPTING Spring 2018 RFP Submissions


The Technology Business Development Program was established at OSU in 2005 to identify projects with high commercial potential and to support the advancement of those projects to the point of licensing.  TBDP includes a series of internal grants that fund feasibility demonstration and prototype development (up to $50,000). Invention disclosures are required for all TBDP projects.

Gap Funding Levels:

TBDP Phase I: ($5,000-$30,000) This program is for technologies that are at least at a ;proof of concept stage, have inventions disclosed to the TDC office, and need gap funding to progress them to develop the technology from TRL 3 to TRL 7 and to strengthen patent claims.

TBDP Phase II: ($30,000 +) This program is for technologies that have previously been through TBDP Phase I and need further gap funding to progress them to systemized prototypes and/or viable customer environment prototypes that can be tested to help validate the value provided to customers and their needs or problems addressed.

Industry Sponsored Match: (Matching $ up to $50,000) This program is for technologies that are or will receive industry sponsored research funding. Applicants are required to show funding from industry sponsors to be considered for Industry Sponsored Match gap funding.

Download RFP here

Submission Instructions

Proposals must be submitted to TDC by March 30, 2018 via email to or mail to Stephanie Sellers, TBDP Coordinator, 1201 S. Innovation Way Drive, Suite 210, Stillwater, OK 74074.  Contact the Technology Development Center at 405-744-6930 with any questions.

NSF I-Corps Participation is required prior to submitting a TBDP Proposal.

For details and additional information

please visit or call 405-744-6930.

Project Extenstion/Additional Funds Requests

To request a no-cost extension to your TBDP project, please click the following link:

No-Cost Project Extension Request

To request additional funding for your TBDP project, please click the following link:

Additional Funds Request

Project Reporting

All active TBDP grants are required to submit status reports at the  6 month and 12 month (Final) marks of their grants.  Failing to submit these required reports could result in becoming ineligible for future TBDP grant funding.

Project Status Report Template




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