Want to use OSU facilities?

Laboratory facilities, research equipment, and research expertise may be critical to the early success of a startup venture. It is imperative that entrepreneurs understand what these requirements are and find a way to obtain them in order to fulfill company goals.

Under certain circumstances, startup companies may use OSU resources, such as laboratories and specialized equipment, to provide initial company capabilities, whether that be continued research or product development. Use of OSU resources will require the execution of appropriate agreements and approval by the college dean and department chair. TDC will guide the entrepreneur through the process of getting the appropriate agreements in place after approval has been obtained from the college dean and department chair.

OSU must be reimbursed by the startup company for the use of these resources so a thorough analysis of what the company needs is critical to keeping costs as low as possible. There are different methods that can be used to accomplish this reimbursement. TDC can assist is determining the best method.

A faculty entrepreneur can also establish a Start Up company without using OSU facilities. In this case they should establish a conflict of interest management plan in accordance with University Policy.